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THE ENCHANTED PUMPKIN PATH is THIS FRIDAY!!  RAIN or SHINE the event will be held from 5 to 8 pm at the school.  Enjoy warm drinks and food from the Smokey Cauldron Café.  The Lil’ Magicke Shoppe in First Grade will offer crafting and story telling activities for children and parents in a warm indoor space.  Enjoy songs around the fire on a cool, moist, Autumn evening.  Bring the whole family for a unique and entertaining evening and revel in the wonder of the Enchanted Pumpkin Path itself.  Tickets are available at Mendocino Book Company in Ukiah and Cat’s Meow in Willits.  For more information, call the school at 707-485-8719.


The Waldorf School of Mendocino County is dedicated to cultivating the capacities of each child through a developmentally respectful education, based on the insights of scientist, philosopher, artist, and educator, Rudolf Steiner. The imagination, joy and wonder essential to childhood are cultivated to foster a natural love of learning in which the whole child is engaged — body, mind, and spirit. Waldorf education was founded in 1919 by Rudolf Steiner, a renowned Austrian philosopher, and has developed into the most rapidly growing educational movement in the world. Many eminent child specialists, such as Jean Piaget, David Elkind, Joseph Chilton Pierce, and members of the Gesell Institute have subsequently confirmed Steiner’s profound insights into education and human development. The Waldorf approach to education is a vital and dynamic process designed to develop free, confident human beings who have the creativity, discipline, and moral strength to meet the challenges of our changing world. Waldorf education is committed to competence in all the basic academic skills, but goes far beyond that goal, and therein lies its great and growing popularity. Some activities develop a child’s intellectual faculties, others develop artistic and moral faculties, still others instill strength, skill, and courage for action. The art of Waldorf education lies in recognizing the unfolding capacities in each individual child, and presenting each subject in such a way as to help the child awaken and integrate all of his or her powers.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-ZSeepDmPE

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